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Include. Collaborate. Learn.



Will engage in culturally relevant, collaborative activities and projects which are multimodally mediated;

Will expand their repertoires of literacy practices, regardless of their background;

Will be empowered as multimodal learners and designers of their own learning;

Will participate in innovative and technologically-enhanced activities which are meaningful to their lives



Will see their socio-educational and intercultural competencies enhanced;

Will develop new approaches to engage all students in culturally relevant and meaningful projects;

Will gain confidence in using technology, such as virtual learning environments, to foster learning and engage students with multiliteracies.



Will foster a culturally relevant and appropriate curriculum for teaching and learning 21st century competencies;

Will develop meaningful partnerships with museums from across Europe and foster inclusive curriculum through taking into consideration students’ diverse backgrounds;

Will realise their potential as democratic and inclusive institutions which nurture learning for all.



Will extend their network of collaboration and reach a greater and more diverse audience, regardless of the physical location of the museum. In this way, they will fulfil their inclusive character and act as frontiers of social change;

Will establish and maintain cross-sectoral alliances and stronger cooperation with schools and education and inclusion actors;

Will enable cultural participation and engagement, by taking advantage of the multimodal nature of the museum and the various multiliteracies interacting at the museum environment.

Reimagine museum-school partnerships

MAS project

These pages unfold in the context of a funded investigation awarded by the the Cyprus Research & Innovation Foundation Programmes “RESTART 2016 – 2020” and in particular DIDAKTOR programme. The project (POST-DOC/0916/0248) is entitled “Museum Affinity Spaces (MAS): Re-imagining Museum-School Partnerships for the 21st century through a Multiliteracies Lens” will run from November 2018 until October 2020.

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