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Pedagogical Scenario 3 – Conceptualising by Naming

Concept Webs

Concept webs encourage learners to visually record their learning through an exploration of issues or topic. The process establishes connections and helps the learner organise ideas and understand relationships between different concepts, problems and ideas. They also develop vocabulary.
The centre circle contains the main concept, problem or topic. Linking ideas or solutions are recorded in the outer circles through the use of key words. Lines may be added to link the connecting circles to each other as well as to the central circle. Images and colours may also be used to enhance the concept map. It would be interesting to use different geometric shapes to make them interesting.

Εικόνα 9 Σύνδεση των ιδεών στο σενάριο των Concept webs (Cope & Kalantzis, 2000)


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