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MAS Archive

The MAS Archive is a tool, which you can use to retrieve online, often interactive learning resources –toolkits, scenarios, and webinars deriving from the MAS framework, and uploaded from users of the MAS Platform. Personalisation features and resources are designed taking into consideration learning preferences, competence levels, subject domains, and contexts. The MAS resources are fit to be integrated into regular classroom activities as well as extracurricular activities. 

In designing the content for the resources for development of the museum-school partnerships, there are five layers of work, following the methodological guidelines of Design-Based Research for designing curriculum materials suggested by Van Den Akker and Plomp (1993) and refined in the studies of Ottevanger (2001) and Stronkhorst (2001): selecting the themes or topic; 

  • – standardisation of the structure, and 
  • – designing the relevant activities for the lessons and the construction of the virtual museum;
  • – anticipation of potential implementation problems, and incorporating these into a coherent instructional resource for students to work with, 
  • – provision of the procedural specifications, and systematic formative evaluation.  

A pedagogy of multiliteracies features the integration of four components acting as orientations to learning or pedagogical approaches—situated practice, overt instruction, critical framing and transformed practice (New London Group, 1996, 2000). These four pedagogical components can occur simultaneously, randomly or be related in complex ways, each of them repeatedly revisited at different levels (NLG, 2000, p.32) but taken together can support diverse learners by encouraging a sense of belonging and transformation. The curriculum materials proposed, integrate the four components of multiliteracies pedagogy, with a focus on supporting lesson planning (procedural specification) and implementation. 

The MAS Archive is separated in two sections, first the Pedagogical Learning Scenarios, which are -independent from a specific domain- proposals for activities in line with the MAS Pedagogical Framework; and second, the Lesson Plans, domain specific suggestions for taking up teaching and learning.


The Project POST-DOC/0916/0248 is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research and Innovation Foundation.

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