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Newsletter #3


Teaching in the internet era

The MAS project builds on some key learning principles to propose an instructional design with practical implementation and evaluation guidelines, that would integrate the MAS framework to promote ubiquitous multiliteracies learning for CLD students in the context of   virtual learning environments (VLEs). It is expected that the elearning market, will double its size by 2022. As researchers and educators, it is therefore important to be confident in working along these environments and be inspired by the needs of the Generation Z. This age group is defined as those individuals with mid-1990s to early-2000s as starting birth years. The MAS infrastructure, aims to create the conditions for such connected learning.

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November 7, 2019

MAS project

These pages unfold in the context of a funded investigation awarded by the the Cyprus Research & Innovation Foundation Programmes “RESTART 2016 – 2020” and in particular DIDAKTOR programme. The project (POST-DOC/0916/0248) is entitled “Museum Affinity Spaces (MAS): Re-imagining Museum-School Partnerships for the 21st century through a Multiliteracies Lens” will run from November 2018 until October 2020.

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