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Pedagogical Scenario 7 – Applying Appropriately

Create a story board which analyses these sequences of episodes in a real or fictional story – text, image, video, or real-life sequence of events. Make choices about its visual features to enhance the images.

A good online resource to use to create the storyboard is https://www.storyboardthat.com/.

Multiliteracies Applications: Productive Activities
Learners perform a play, create a website, make and deliver a PowerPoint presentation, make a video or a game, and create a photostory or photojournal, class anthology, time capsule, music and lyrics, soundscape, art works, advertising campaign, using the conventions of each genre.

Εικόνα 12 Πρότυπο φύλλο εργασίας για το σενάριο Storyboard


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