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The objectives

The MAS project essentially promotes museum-school collaboration in Europe through the use of technology-enhanced learning such as support, tools and services for schools to utilize in order to implement their curriculum. The intention is to offer opportunities for free and continuing online professional development for educators and museum staff. In particular, the intention is for schoolteachers and museum educators and other museum staff as well students to be able to use a virtual platform themselves and in collaboration with other parties from around Cyprus and the world, either through synchronous or asynchronous learning to develop learning activities deriving from museums. There is specific focus on the development of the MAS project to accommodate for culturally and linguistically diverse students’ needs. It is anticipated that students will deepen their knowledge of cultural heritage through participation in the partnership, while also become motivated to engage in museum learning, whether physically or online in the future.

The project thus offers a platform for staff (teachers, museum educators, librarians, etc.) and students to communicate, collaborate, develop projects, share and feel and be part of a museum learning community in Europe.

The basic interest is in developing the MAS Infrastructure including:

  1. The strategic partnership search (MAS-Portal) which will allow the creation of institutional profiles for museums/cultural organisations and schools. The intention is to match cultural organisations with schools and initiate sustainable partnerships beased on the MAS framework.
  2. The virtual museum creator (MAS-Cabinet app), which will be the desktop application featuring the interactive virtual environment created according to the pedagogical framework.
  3. Access to resource packs, tutorials and webinars on how to deliver successful museum-school partnerships for developing lesson plans based on the MMP framework (MAS-Archive).
  4. A support mechanism for the MAS virtual community, for development, communication and collaboration on museum-related topics and solutions (MAS-Hub).

The overall intention of the MAS is to building a dynamic online European community that will strengthen the potential for long term sustainability of museum-school partnerships, through a comprehensive open learning network for collaborations, networking events and training sessions to promote skilled educators with a strong capability in museum learning practice.

MAS project

These pages unfold in the context of a funded investigation awarded by the the Cyprus Research & Innovation Foundation Programmes “RESTART 2016 – 2020” and in particular DIDAKTOR programme. The project (POST-DOC/0916/0248) is entitled “Museum Affinity Spaces (MAS): Re-imagining Museum-School Partnerships for the 21st century through a Multiliteracies Lens” will run from November 2018 until October 2020.

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